Frequently Asked Questions?

How much will it cost to restore my canoe?
A complete restoration including stripping the interior varnish and re-varnishing, re-canvassing, and repairing any woodwork, usually costs between $3500 and $4000.

Do you require a down payment to get started?
No, Upon my inspection of the canoe, you will be given a firm quote for the total cost due upon completion.

How much will my canoe be worth when it is finished?
Unless it is a really rare canoe, it won't be worth as much as the restoration costs, probably $1500-$2000.

Can I do part of the restoration myself?
Yes, I can do a partial restoration, or just re-canvassing if that's what you would like.

Do you give classes or allow owners to work with you on the canoe?
Only once under very unusual circumstances have I allowed the owner to work with me. I prefer working alone and my shop is quite small.

How long does it take to complete a restoration?
Most complete restorations are completed in 4-6months, about 2 months of that is for allowing the special canvas filler to dry.